Quality food can be hard to come by these days where the restaurant industry is now focused on the customer perception through intense branding and stylish ambience. Well, Hard Stones Grill has a different belief!

Our vision at Hard Stones Grill is not to attract a guest but to keep a guest! This is by offering our guest friendly atmosphere, exceptional service, and—most importantly—remarkable quality food. Hard Stones Grill locations in Nepean, Kemptville and Embrun are redefining what it means to eat at a restaurant in the Ottawa area.


Ultimate Dining Experience like no other.
Our menu is constantly evolving, but always going back to the basics of good cuisine. Most meals at Hard Stones Grill are made fresh from scratch. It begins at breakfast, where fresh-made bread accompanies everything from your standard two-egg breakfast or your delectable French Crepe. Lunches feature all kinds of hand crafted sandwiches, gourmet style fresh hamburgers and tasty salads that are all made fresh-to-order. Both lunch and dinner also offer daily specials that are created by our talented chefs at each restaurant.

As for our lounge, we take pride to offer the product of some local beer and wine breweries, as well as renowned international beverages. Cocktail lovers will be amazed by the twist our bartenders add to every drink. Adding to this is our famous Senators ticket giveaways and other specials and prizes.



1 Roydon Place Suite 1
Nepean Ontario, K2E 1A3

Tel: 613-518-7440
Email: nepean@hardstonesgrill.com
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994 Notre-Dame Street P.O. Box 658,
Embrun Ontario, K0A 1W1

Tel: 613-370-0771
Email: embrun@hardstonesgrill.com
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2727 County Road 43
Kemptville, Ontario, K0G 1J0

Tel: 613-215-0738
Email: kemptville@hardstonesgrill.com
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