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Download our web app to access rewards, digital gift cards, dining feedback and more.....

To access our web app, click on this link or scan the QR code

Click on Profile and create your account.

Save the web app URL to your phone screen for later access to rewards program and others.


click on the share tab at the bottom of the screen

Then click Add to Home Screen


click on the Menu tab at top right of the screen

Then scroll down and click Install app


Can we use the Digital Gift Card at any Hard Stones Grill location?

Yes. The Digital Gift Card could be used at any location.


Can we cancel or refund a card once purchased?

No. Unfortunately the Digital Gift Card purchase is processed automatically through a secure third party processor and we don’t have access to cancel or refund once purchased.


What are the minimum and maximum value additions for a Digital Gift Card?

You can’t add values less than $5 to a card. You can’t add values greater than $100.


Can diners use Digital Gift Card to pay for online orders?

No. Diners can only redeem Digital Gift Card for in-store dining or take-out.


Does the Digital Gift Card need to be activated once received?

No. It’s automatically live.


When Digital Gift Cards are sent, what kind of alerts are generated?

The purchaser will receive an email receipt as confirmation of payment. The recipient will receive the gift card email.


Can a Digital Gift Card be sent via SMS?

Phone numbers can not be used for the delivery of gift cards.

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